Learning-Focused Toolbox-Terms of Use
  1. Members of the Learning-Focused Toolbox agree not to share/distribute their password and/or member ID with anyone other than Learning-Focused technical support. Failure to comply with this Password rule may result in Learning-Focused revoking access to the Learning-Focused Toolbox for the members (individual, school, or entire district, agency, or consortium) without refund. The members must make their best efforts to prevent any of their employees, consultants, agents, or members from sharing or distributing their password and member ID.
  2. Learning-Focused is not responsible for content, grammar, clarity, accuracy of factual information, and offensive content.
  3. Members agree to allow other Learning-Focused Toolbox members to download and adapt their units if posted for public viewing by either the member, or the member's school, district, or agency administrators. Other uses of material from this web site are strictly prohibited.
  4. With permission from member, Learning-Focused may use member developed documents to support others using the Learning-Focused Toolbox, Learning-Focused Schools Model, and other support solutions.
  5. Member shall retain the right to use, sell, or publish their own work developed using the Learning-Focused Toolbox, but not to sell or adapt for sale the work of other member's units. If developed during the course of normal working hours or for a school, district, or agency, then the administration of the school, district, or agency retains the rights described here.
  6. Misuse of the intent of the Learning-Focused Toolbox may result in Learning-Focused revoking access to the Learning-Focused Toolbox for an individual, school, or entire district/agency and/or consortium. If an agent is registering on the member's behalf, then it is the responsibility of the registering agent to inform employees, consultants, agents, and members under its agency of these rules and regulations.
  7. I understand that the Learning-Focused Toolbox is provided to Learning-Focused Toolbox members via internet access. Occasional interruption, lost work or slow-downs in service may occur. Learning-Focused and their subcontractors are not responsible for such service problems.
  8. Learning-Focused reserves the right to access member accounts, documents and folders for technical support, determination of how Toolbox is used, and other reasons deemed reasonable by Learning-Focused.
  9. Transmission of any materials in violation of any District, US, or State regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material or material protected by trade secret. Use for product advertisement or political lobbying is also prohibited.Violations of this regulation are unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Violations may result in access privilege being revoked, school/district disciplinary action taken, and/or appropriate legal action.