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Click on the the support guide that you want to download. Since these are Adobe PDF files, you must have Adobe reader installed to download them.

Toolbox Support Guide - This guide covers many aspects of Toolbox such as my dashboard, Toolbox explorer, unit and lesson planning, sharing, publishing and a lot more.

Power Curriculum Tool Support Guide - This guide covers subjects such as prioritizing standards, developing courses, creating topics, aligning standards with topics and more. Download the PDF document to learn more.

Administering Toolbox Support Guide - This guide will help those who are Toolbox Administrators for their group and those who are interested in becoming one. A Toolbox administrator has the ability to approve pending group join request, manage licenses, change passwords, change email addresses, and much more.

Curriculum Editor Support Guide - The Curriculum Editor Tool is an exciting feature that allows administrators to customize their groups' state standards and objectives. The customization of your standards includes adding, deleting, revising, editing, duplicating, and rearranging. This powerful tool helps schools and districts tailor their curriculum to the specific needs of their group. While Learning-Focused Toolbox Support continues to ensure that each State's standards are up-to-date, you now have the ability to have full control of the standards driving learning in your school or district

Note: Let us know if you experience any problems with downloading any of our guides. Also, please see the rest of our support sections to answer additional questions that you might have. As always, you can Email Us or call us at 828-414-4536. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.